Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Final clean up before the carving starts

So I must have spent 4 or 5 hours in total, cleaning up the chain saw cuts and getting the wood down to the heart wood as instructed. Not having anything better for the job I was using a good old chisel from the toolbox. And honestly, I was finding it hard to tell if I'd gone deep enough because the wood does start to have some colour as you get close to the heart and you don't want to go too deep now, do you? At least that's my story. So when Rick, my woodworking guru, called and offered to come over and demonstrate the use of a slick, how could I say no. Even though I was tempted. And OH MY GOSH, there is nothing like the right tool in the hands of a master. I'm still marveling at how fast he got that done. And for that matter, how much more wood he took off. I'm not even going to show you my paltry little pile of wood chips. Or the giant pile after he finished.

The resulting surface is gorgeous, almost completely free of knots, and ready to go. And by the way, it smells heavenly! I'm a little reluctant to touch it. Only a little.

Now I'm studying up on carving technique cause the rubber hits the road on this project pretty soon and I want to be ready. By the way, I'm getting lots of good ideas for future projects; I could barely sleep last night thinking about them. I hope my friends like wood gifts. Is this gonna be like gifts from your 2 year old I wonder?

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